Positive Psychology

the happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts copy

Positive Psychology looks at people from a different direction than traditional psychology.  It looks at people who are healthy, happy, long-lived and asks how are they different from the rest of us.  What are they doing differently?  Can it be measured and can it be taught? 

I studied with Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar, learning how to apply the research-based tools of Positive Psychology.  These tools have changed my life for the better.  I have reconnected to my love of nature, become a lead singer in a retro-tropical band and learned to nurture important relationships in my life since studying with Tal.  I became a coach so that I can help others use these tools to do the same.  Do you want to learn the Steps to Wholebeing?

It really is easier than you think to apply the tools of Positive Psychology.  I was surprised how my life changed by using various tools like mindfulness and gratefulness.  My health improved (my weight decreased, my blood pressure normalized, my cholesterol lowered significantly), my mood improved (more neutral and calm), my self-esteem strengthened while my relationships softened becoming heart-centered.  I want to share these tools with you.

Powerful change is possible.

Learning to become more mindful in our day to day activities is one of the Steps to Wholebeing.  To do that we sit quietly and watching our thoughts without judgment.  This practice focuses our attention on how our mind responds to life.  Mindfulness has been found to reduce stress, improve focus, boost working memory, increase mental flexibility, improve our immune system and support our well-being.  This is just one of the many practices that can alter our conditioned view of our lives.

  “Once you start making the effort to “wake yourself up” – that is, being more mindful of your activities -you suddenly start appreciating  life a lot more.” 
Robert Biswas – Diener

Positive Psychology researchers are innovators, sharing their work and offering tools to grow authentic happiness and well-being.  Changing our perspective, we move as a Wholebeing to broaden and build our inner resources. With each step in our positive growth, we foster healthier relationships among family, friends and neighbors.  Slowly we can pass on these qualities to strangers, affecting our towns, cities, states, countries and finally the world.  Just a small step to begin the process.  Are you ready?