Alexander Technique

“People do not decide their futures.  They decide their habits and their habits decide their futures.
-F.M. Alexander

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A method to train the mind/body, the Alexander Technique teaches us to strengthen our abilities to move, think and respond with ease in our life.  As we learn to Step to Wholebeing, we become poised, open and authentic while creating well-being in our lives.

As F.M. Alexander said, “The brain becomes used to thinking in a certain way, it works in a groove, and when set in action, slides along the familiar, well-worn path; but when once it is lifted out of the groove, it is astonishing how easily it may be directed. At first it will have a tendency to return to its old manner of working by means of one mechanical unintelligent operation, but the groove soon fills, and although thereafter we may be able to use the old path if we choose, we are no longer bound to it.”

Learning to recognize and change the unconscious patterns we use to live our lives is deep work.  

This mind/body approach asks the student to realize their thoughts are not separate from sensation.  One responds to the other and we recognize pain as a stimulus to change.  Raising our awareness, not interfering with our bodies reflexes as we move through life, we become attuned to a Wholebeing approach to life.  

Imagine being poised, balanced and clear minded.  We have the tools to live life in a new way, with less tension and greater ease and joy.

Some of the benefits reported by students of the technique: 

  • relief from joint pain and stiffness
  • relief from back pain and muscle aches
  • decreased anxiety
  • lower blood pressure
  • increased flexibility, coordination,  and balance
  • improved performance
  • improved self-image
  • a sense of well-being and  happiness

The Alexander Technique can be taught in classes, workshops or private lessons.

Besides offering lessons at my office in Charlottesville, Virginia, I am branching out to offer another alternative, remote lessons via Skype.  There are many people who live in areas where there are no Alexander Technique teachers.  We will approach the work just as F.M. Alexander did.  I will coach you through the steps he took described in his book, “The Use of the Self”

As F.M. said, “You can do what I do, if you will do what I did.”


Testimonial from a 33 year old student with carpel tunnel syndrome, shoulder and back pain.

 Aila is a master at creating the conditions for remarkable improvements to overall health. She is a truly creative teacher, one who tailors her approach to the needs of the client in the moment–and she models the kind of humor and flexibility that people need to bring about real changes. Aila has an extraordinary ability to see right to the core of poorly functioning patterns and to offer immediate ways to begin releasing them. I could write a great deal about the joys of the insightful, transformative process that the work with Aila entails, but will focus here on the physical, curative aspects of her work. In working with her over a year’s time, we dismantled what had been an untreatable and constant condition of wrist-shoulder-back pain (related to computer work). With her expert guidance, I now live and type thousands of words a day, pain-free!