Aila’s bio

Born in Helsinki, Finland, Aila came to the United States as a toddler.  At the age of 3, Aila’s love of music became apparant.  .  SInging in the church choir and formal piano lessons began her music education.  But a hint of her true calling came at the age of twelve, when she was asked to teach piano to two younger girls.  She didn’t realize it then.  It took quite a few more years before she received her B.A.  and formally taught music.

Aila graduated with a music degree from Sonoma State University in California.  Moving to Florida to be nearer her parents, she opened a music studio in her home and taught piano and voice.  It was reading Dr. Wilfred Barlow’s book, “The Alexander Principle” that shifted Aila’s view of teaching and learning.  Dr. Barlow’s explanations and photographs of the benefits of the Alexander Technique peaked Aila’s interest and curiosity.

Aila moved to Charlottesville in 1991, to complete her certification as an Alexander Technique teacher.  She began teaching the technique not only to musicians and artists but to a wide audience of clients.  Aila has taught at a variety of schools from Longwood University and Alleghany College to Virginia School of Massage.  Her Alexander Technique workshops and classes have titles as diverse as Mindfulness, Facing Performance Anxiety, Singing with Ease and her popular Walking Clinics.

Expanding her skills, Aila studied and received her certification in Positive Psychology from Kripalu.  She then went on to study and receive her coaching certification from Whole Being Institute.  Steps to Wholebeing is a program that brings us poise, well-being, and happiness through the application of the Alexander Technique and Positive Psychology.
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